The VIBE Deck

Designed especially for teachers ready to re-imagine the way we teach and build relationships in the classroom.
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Are you looking for ways to engage with your students in a more meaningful and purposeful way? Want to be ready for fun at the drop of a hat?

Designed especially for teachers ready to re-imagine the way we teach and build relationships in the classroom. Fan the entire deck and see what happens or be more strategic and address a situation with a specific category. Either way - have some music ready, because you might end up with a dance party!

As teachers, we have so much on our plates -

Lesson planning, testing, meetings, communications with parents, grading - a never-ending list of tasks. And  we’re also dealing with stringent COVID protocols that put school safety as a top priority. We’ve become specialists with a ton of different hats: we are counselors, parents, police, security guards, behavioralists...long gone are days of just teaching content. Good teachers know how critical it is to build strong relationships and the more connected you are as a class, the more learning happens in the classroom. A strong foundation opens the door to deep learning. But the question is always time, isn’t it? WHEN are you supposed to build relationships and how do you have the brain power for that with everything else you’ve gotta do?

The intention of the VIBE Deck is to make circles easy and accessible to all teachers.

  • An increase in their students’ public speaking abilities and confidence
  • Increased understanding, empathy and compassion for both students and teachers (peer to peer, student to teacher, teacher to student)
  • Higher attendance (your students won’t want to miss your class!)
  • Increase in test scores and improved GPAs (Duh! They care more!!)
  • Increased effectiveness in time and behavior management
  • Increased ability to resolve conflicts peacefully Stronger bonds with classmates, which ultimately lead to...
  • A decrease in drama! (Let’s face it - we’d all love a little less drama in our classrooms!)
The VIBE Deck - ThumbnailThe VIBE Deck - ThumbnailThe VIBE Deck - Thumbnail
The Vibe Deck
Close up of cards
Close up of one card - says. "Can people of different cultures, races, and/or religions live together peacefully? Why or why not?

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  • 5 Categories: Keep the Peace, Building Blocks, Just Cuz’, Take It Deeper, Let’s Get Real!
  • 10 questions, prompts and fill-in-the-blanks per category (That’s enough content for an entire year!)
  • 4 Wild Cards: (You gotta buy the deck to find out what the Wild Cards are!)
  • Each category is color-coded and labeled with a specific icon for easy identification
  • Includes a booklet with instructions, reminders, quick tips, and definitions
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