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The VIBE DeckThe VIBE Deck

Designed especially for teachers ready to re-imagine the way we teach and build relationships in the classroom.

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The Restorative EcosystemThe Restorative Ecosystem

Compare the traditional student cycle with a restorative ecosystem.

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Podcast - Episode 48 - Peace, Passion, and Educator Burnout with Tina Medina of The VIBE MovementPodcast - Episode 48 - Peace, Passion, and Educator Burnout with Tina Medina of The VIBE Movement

On today's, episode we spend time with the Founder of VIBE Movement, Tina Medina.

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Sample Lesson Plan Incorporating Restorative PracticesSample Lesson Plan Incorporating Restorative Practices

This restorative-based lesson incorporates excerpts from the The Trail of Tears Diary and a poem called "The Powwow at the End of the World" to discuss the Native American experience.

Quick Start / Stop GuideQuick Start / Stop Guide

A FREE introduction to VIBE Movement with this helpful classroom guide.

5 Ideas to Better Engage with Your Students5 Ideas to Better Engage with Your Students

"When I first stepped foot into my own classroom, I held dear to a zero-tolerance, tough as nails approach."

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