Co-conspiring with bold and ambitious educators

Who are ready to up-level, live on purpose, and make a big impact.

A group of educators and students at UCSD
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Tina Medina

Hi, friend!

Does this sound like you?

  • Have you lost the energy and excitement you once had about being an educator?
  • Are you afraid you’re not making the impact you want to make?
  • Do you struggle with being present at home AND at school?
  • Is self-care something that only happens during holidays and breaks, if at all?
  • Do you feel like you are a lone-wolf in your school community?

You don’t have to live in overwhelm. You can be impactful at work, successful at home, and thrive in a supportive community. Let’s work together to create a clear vision and action plan so you are living on purpose and vibing high!

Let's conNect

Who VIBE serves

VIBE Movement is here to help raise and inspire a generation of people who are bold visionaries and courageous leaders. We are dedicated to creating human-centered education systems, beginning first with those on the front lines every day: educators.

We’re vibing our highest when we are supporting educators who:

  • Are passionate, motivated and willing to be bold, brave and vulnerable.
  • Know that life can be scary and challenging but embraces that fear in order to get results and reach the next level.
  • Sincerely want to be a part of a community of like-minded educators who kick-ass

How VIBE can help you!



Are you seeking guidance around creating a clear vision for your life as an educator? Want to know what steps to take in order to turn that vision into a reality? Get the support YOU need here.
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Professional Development

Professional Development

Looking for an experienced educator to speak with your school staff about the importance of nurturing self-compassion, connecting to purpose, and building meaningful relationships?
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Want to motivate your audience with a speaker that is relatable and passionate, brings stories to life, and inspires people to take action?
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Whether the retreat is virtual or in-person, a weekend getaway or a half-day mini-retreat, you are sure to get what you need to bring balance, grace, ease, and energy back into your life.
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What's the word on the street?

Nicky Riordan's headshot

“Tina's approach is very effective, her experience and positive attitude are unmatched, and her passion for this work shines through in everything she does. Our community is a better place for having her working in this field.”

Nicky Riordan
Youth Program Manager
Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice

Swati Singh's headshot

"Participating in the VIBE Movement and the Bold Educator program "up-leveled" me as a teacher and entrepreneur. With Tina's support, I was able to turn a stirring into reality."

Swati Singh
Teacher & Founder
YOBZ - Youth, Jobs, Generation Z

Tina writing in her notebook

A note from Tina

I clearly remember what it was like feeling stuck and alone in my classroom, knowing there was a better way to serve my students, be a better parent, and take better care of myself.

Believe it or not, it IS possible to feel successful and balanced in the areas of your life that are most important to you. We specialize in serving YOU because that’s how we get fast, effective results.

Let’s connect — and I’ll tell you how!