We believe that an educator without a purpose is just another person doing another job.

That’s not what our kids need. It’s not what our communities and families need. And if you’re an educator, it’s definitely not what YOU need.
A child imagining to be a pilot

Imagine that every day you walk on to your school campus and you feel like you belong, like you are loved and supported. Your dedication is valued and appreciated. You have room to breath and energy to nurture relationships.

Imagine that you are living ON purpose. And that life outside of school is just as awesome. Totally fulfilling, actually. You step boldly and confidently out into the world, knowing that it is a world you helped create. You are vibing high.

Now imagine that you are surrounded by a community of like-minded, motivated, passionate educators also living on purpose and vibing high.

The ripple effect is there. It's a simple vision. But it's a movement - a VIBE Movement.

It might seem impossible. So how do we do it?

We work with educators to uncover their big vision - both personal and professional.

We create tailored and sustainable action plans.

We live on purpose, with the love and support of community.

So where did it all start?

I found myself back in the classroom when I thought I had already finished that phase of my career. At first, I was super depressed about being back but I eventually realized this was an opportunity to really turn things around and discover what was next for me.

I turned the situation into an experiment - my school site became a giant laboratory and my classroom became the hub.

I poured into my students and my colleagues like never before. I worked tirelessly to bring restorative practices to my school and into as many classrooms as possible. I worked with our administrators to implement restorative justice conferencing to support students on suspension. I visited the students' homes and talked with their parents.

I took notes on what worked, what didn’t, and through it all I watched as many of my colleagues battled burnout. And when I saw the impact that meaningful relationships had on collective success, productivity and buy-in, I knew this was something I needed to develop and share with others. And it was in this place of service and discovery where VIBE Movement was born.

A coffee mug that says "Begin."
Tina wearing a shirt that says, "Love Yourself"

Who is VIBE?

My name is Tina Medina and I am the Founder and Lead Visionary of VIBE Movement.

Five fun facts about me:

  1. I was a mentor and educator for 12 years in South Central LA, South Korea and San Diego.
  2. I help educators reconnect to their purpose and breathe meaning back into their lives through coaching, retreats, professional development opportunities and educational talks.
  3. I have a Masters in Peace & Justice studies from the Kroc School of Peace Studies. I also ran a program for high school youth leaders at the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice for many years, focusing on restorative practices, community resilience, social cohesion, environmental and social justice, and youth peace leadership.
  4. I LOVE yoga and meditation. Both have truly transformed my life.
  5. I have two amazing daughters, whom I adore with all my heart, and who truly push me to be my best self!

I've dedicated my life to serving others.

So how can I help you?

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