Professional Development

Let’s face it. Most professional development trainings are focused on implementing new programs, introducing curriculum, or learning about ways to better support students.

Professional Development
Professional Development

But what about the staff themselves?

When was the last time you attended a training focused on how to reconnect to your purpose, to find value in building meaningful relationships, or how to create work/life balance so you can be highly-productive at work and love the life you live outside of school?

We do not believe in One-Size Fits All!

When Vibe Movement works with a school site, we see this as an opportunity for true partnership and collaboration. All professional development trainings are crafted to address site-specific needs and create sustainable solutions. In other words, we work with you!

If you are looking to train your staff in restorative practices, shift to a more positive and supportive staff culture, and/or boost productivity and avoid educator burnout, then stop waiting. Stop prioritizing trainings that aren’t motivating your educators or addressing issues that you aren’t sure how to handle. We can help.

Jon Centofranchi
Principal, Old Town Academy

I've known Tina for over 12 years, and she has proven time and again that to positively empower our youth is the key to initiate REAL change in our society.

Jon Centofranchi Principal, Old Town Academy

Andy Blum
Executive Director, Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice

I asked Tina to facilitate a teambuilding session at our organization’s retreat. The creativity, thoughtfulness, and passion she brought to the session led to a real breakthrough in how our team interacted. As executive director, I’ve seen how the session has had a true, lasting impact on the effectiveness of our organization.

Andy Blum Executive Director, Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice

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