March 16, 2021

You are Your Greatest Asset

You are Your Greatest Asset

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: I’ll rest when I’m dead.

Like many of you, I grew up not understanding the importance of or the value in taking care of myself. I treated myself more like a robot, a machine that would just keep running. When I got sick, hurt or injured, then I would rest. Otherwise, I was an energizer bunny always on the move, on the go and in the doing of things. There was no other option.

I did not stop.

And I had a big a-ha to this many years ago as I was helping my sweet grandmother set the table for an intimate Easter dinner with just us, immediate family. She was absolutely frantic about getting it all done in time (time for what?) and making sure it was all perfect (perfect for whom?). We walked to the hallway cabinet to get the tablecloths and I noticed her arms and hands shaking with stress. When I asked her to take a breath - it’s ok we have plenty of time - she looked at me with insane worry, almost appalled that I could make such a statement.

My heart went to her. And in that single moment, I felt a lifetime of stress and worry pour out of her as she gazed at me, hands trembling as they struggled to pick the right tablecloth. I saw her whole life in Hungary, surviving so many wars: a little girl feeling too much hunger and suffering, a young woman experiencing too much brutality and violence, a new mother with too much hiding, running, and constant strategizing.

I understood her need for perfection, her need to provide, her need to protect.

And most importantly, her need to rest.

But that was impossible for her.

Therefore, it was impossible for us, too. We were not raised to rest. We were raised to go, to fight, to keep moving and pushing through.

My sweet grandmother passed several years ago and I miss her everyday. And I am so grateful for all the invaluable lessons she taught me, including the nonverbal one I learned that day in the hallway:

There is no better time than NOW to start taking good care of yourself.

As educators, our hearts are set on serving others. So much so that we often fail to give attention to our own needs, our desires and dreams. We strive everyday to meet the needs of our students, support our colleagues, and take care of our own families. Compound all of that with experiencing second-hand the traumas our students bring with them into our classrooms and onto our campuses everyday (even virtually!) and - above all - our deep desires to fulfill our duties to the best of our abilities. 

In short: prioritizing ourselves is not a priority.

But here’s the thing:

YOU are your number one, most powerful, most influential, most important asset.

And NOW is the time to start treating yourself as such, to start investing in yourself, to start remembering those dreams you once had, to start listening to the body aches that tell you you are tired, to start nurturing your soul and upleveling your life in ways that makes you scream YES like it's the best orgasm you’ve ever had!

What do I mean by investing in yourself?

I am talking about time, energy, boundaries, money, and dedication to self.

I’m talking about setting time aside for YOU. I am talking about putting the pieces into place to make sure you have the energy you need to accomplish your dreams and make the impact you desire. I am talking about thinking deeply about leaky boundaries (more on this coming soon!) and knowing when to say yes and when to say no. I am talking about taking the seemingly illogical leap to spend money on yourself and do something courageous like buy your tickets to take that bucket-list trip or hire a coach that will help you feel better about yourself, your life and fulfilling your dreams. I am talking about dedicating your life to YOU. And I am inspiring you to do it NOW.

Are you wondering why now? Why is this so important now? Let me break it down:

From a physical standpoint:

Your body responds to your emotions (ie. high levels of stress release toxic hormones in your body that are not meant to stay there. If you have no way to release them, they linger, fester and create illness and injury. This is not a myth. It is proven fact by scientists all over the world. Just check out a few Dr. Joe Dispenza videos on YouTube and you’ll get what I am saying if you aren’t on board yet!) and the health of your body depends heavily on the social, emotional, spiritual health - the health of your soul - ALL of these pieces of you are worthy of attention. 

If that isn’t resonating then consider what Brendon Burchard says in High Performance Habits  at the near end of his book - if you are only going to follow ONE thing he suggests then let it be to take care of your physical self because none of your dreams matter if YOU don’t even exist.

From a spiritual standpoint:

You are Spirit incarnate. Clue into the messages that are showing up all around you. If you feel your heart longing for “more”, ask yourself “Why am I denying my heart’s desires if my heart’s desires are divine guidance?” 

From a numerological standpoint:

2020 was a year for going deeply within and learning the oldest lessons - the lessons unique to each of us, the lessons we get to learn as a collective, and the lessons we get to learn as Universal Law - it was, in short, a Great Awakening. Some of us paid attention, some of us were too distracted by the chaos to see the messages inside the shit storm, and some of us didn’t see the lessons until we could sit quietly and reflect at the end of the year. 

But as we launched into 2021, we launched into a year of magical creativity and regeneration. It is a year for movement, high energy, breakthroughs and versatility. In other words - a mass uplevel is in motion if we are available (and choose to) ride that wave.

From an energetic standpoint:

We are energetic beings. We are magnets. That means, what we put out is what comes back to us. That means, we vibrate at a certain frequency and we attract things - people, circumstances, opportunities - to match that frequency. We can be operating at such a low frequency - low vibes like anger, hate, guilt, shame, worry - that it becomes a dominant way of being. We feel stuck and don’t know how to get out of it so we keep finding ways to stay there, not really realizing our potential to shift at any moment in time, to choose a perspective that is empowering rather than disempowering. 

YOU are your greatest asset.

NOW is the time to invest in yourself, in your dreams, in your destiny to live an extraordinary life filled with purpose, passion, impact, abundance, grace and ease - and more love than you thought possible. Like one of my clients recently said after she decided to invest in coaching with me:

“I want to go to bed every night knowing that I am living a fulfilling life.”


So, what are you choosing? How are you choosing to invest in yourself? How are you choosing to honor yourself and recognize that YOU are your greatest asset?

**If you are struggling with this, with getting clear on your vision, or with owning your value, then I’m your girl. Stop waiting. Book a free call with me here, and let’s get you vibing your highest as soon as possible. 

“If you are waiting, you are not creating.”

-Dr. Joe Dispenza

Tina Medina
Lead Visionary of VIBE Movement and mom to two amazing girls