Abundance as a Way of BEING

November 10, 2020
Abundance as a Way of BEING

I recently had a conversation with a loved one who challenged and questioned my attention and focus on money.

And I love this challenge because it is evidence that I am on the right track in working through limiting beliefs, breaking habits that no longer serve me, and rewriting stories of lack and scarcity that have blocked the flow of abundance in my life in the past.

If you VIBE with us on social or you hang out in our UpLeveled Educators FB group (come play with us!), then you know that my 2020 Q4 goal is to be in the best financial and physical shape of my life. That means there is nothing in me, on me, or around me that doesn’t serve me my highest, which is ultimately about me being in the best shape to unconditionally serve others. Because at my ultimate core, being of service is my divine purpose, my god-given mission, my truth revealed.

And the more I align with that purpose, the more I make myself available to the kind of service I am meant to provide; and the more I channel and connect in to that divine guidance, the more easily working and living joyfully comes to me. And THAT, my sweet friends, opens the doors for abundance to flow to me with grace and ease. 

Which is how it is meant to be.

We are not meant to struggle and anguish in the pain that scarcity and lack provide.

We are meant to align with our purpose, to live out the divine mission and reason we were born to live in this moment in time. So if we are struggling, it's because we are out of alignment with that purpose.

For years I obsessed about aligning my purpose and my passion. I knew I had a big calling, that I was meant to work in education, supporting youth and educators, but I felt confined by classroom walls and a job description full of limitation. I also knew I was so unhappy about my life circumstance because I wasn’t “doing” what I was supposed to do -  at least not fully.

The problem was, I didn’t know exactly what I was supposed to be doing. And an even bigger truth is that I didn’t understand how I was meant to BE.

So I searched. I trudged through the mud. I dug into the deep and uncomfortable waters of personal growth and transformation, seeking the alignment and truth of my existence. I asked for the vision of my life to be revealed to me. I sought teachers and mentors who could help me light my path. And I meditated like a crazy person. And through that process, I learned how to uncover my vision and - more importantly - how to love and TRUST myself on this journey. 

Phew! That is some hard, uncomfortable work!

And I wouldn’t change any of it. I do not regret the investments I’ve made - and continue to make - in coaches, mentors, courses and programs that support me in this journey.

I believe in my worth and I believe in the investments I have made to help me connect to that worth. To me, making the decisions to invest and dedicating the time to realize my worth IS being in a state of abundance. Because...

I am worth it. 

I am WORTH being my best self and YOU are worth receiving me at my best. How can I be of service and make the impact I dream of making if I am not functioning at my highest?

And when I am BEING at my highest, and I am serving at my highest, then the doors of opportunity open naturally and easily. And those doors are niched to me specifically because I am in alignment with purpose. MY purpose.

Are you following me? Is this making sense?

Abundance isn’t just about money and financial wealth; in fact, that is a very limited view of abundance. Actually it is kinda of insulting and disrespectful to abundance - which is ultimately disrespectful to yourself.

It’s like Lisa Nicols says: “Abundance is your birthright.”

Another way to look at it, as Amanda Frances says: “Your net worth is a reflection of your self worth.”

Let's try this...

Abundance is how you show up.
Abundance is the flow of greater good that is evidenced in your life.
Abundance is how you are being day in and day out.
Abundance is unconditional love and support.
Abundance is giving and receiving wealth and prosperity in ALL its forms, all the time - without confinement, limitation, or trying to define it as one single thing.
Abundance is you being clear on your heart’s desires, knowing those desires are deeply connected to your life’s purpose.
Abundance is you living out your heart’s desires.
Abundance is you living ON purpose.

So how are you showing up? How are you creating space to receive the abundance of joy and divine wealth that is your birthright? How are you committing to your personal growth? What work are you doing to uncover and live in the alignment of your life’s purpose?

These are questions I ask myself almost on the daily. So I pose them to you here and I would love to know your thoughts, reactions, resistances to what I am sharing!

And as always, if you feel I can support you in your growth, then stop waiting and let’s start tapping into your divinely-inspired awesomeness. Schedule a free call here.

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