Being Grateful for This School Year

September 4, 2020
Being Grateful for This School Year

We may be facing one of the craziest, most uncertain school years in history, but with that, we get the opportunity to be a part of completely reinventing a whole new system and way of being in education.

That scares the life out of some, but it lights a fire under others.  

Which camp do you fall in to?

We - the Bold Educators and I - talked a lot about this the other night in our first session together. (Season 2 of Bold Educator University kicked off this week - woohoo!) 

And we all agreed: there are definitely some legit concerns, and yes - there will be new challenges this school year that we get to support each other through while we figure them out as we go...

...and despite it all, I want to challenge you to practice being grateful for this school year.

Be grateful for this school year because it's going to be the BIGGEST and BEST learning year you've ever had.  

Be grateful for this school year because you get to be the BEST educator possible for your students.  You get to give them that gift of your increased impact.

Be grateful for this school year because it’s allowing you to be creative, to be BOLD, and because when you gift those parts of yourself to others, you open yourself up to the receiving end of the same gifts coming back to you.

You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, burned out, or super pressured. And I am here to remind you that you also get to practice radical self-love - in fact, it is critical that you do. Why?

So that you can continue making the BIG impact your originally intended to make, both on and off-campus. Don’t let this school year stand in your way.  Allow yourself the opportunity to create, to dream, to imagine what’s really possible for yourself - to allow yourself to remain in possibility, and to go after it and be grateful for it - even before it’s yours!

In all this crazy, have you allowed yourself to dream?

Have you allowed yourself the love of self-expression? Have you given yourself permission to take care of yourself, to pour into you so you can fill your cup, recharge your battery and re-ignite your fire?

Or are you like many people I speak with who are burning the candle on both ends - or even worse, you've let the YOU part of your candle go out completely?

If that is you and you can relate, then it's time for an intervention party!! Because I see what’s possible for you! 

Are you ready to find out what’s possible for yourself?

Are you ready to step into next level success - however YOU define it - in ALL areas of your life?

Are you ready to be with other like-minded and passionate educators wanting to up-level in a massive way, to step courageously into this school year knowing that you have a support system around you that will hold you high and hold you accountable to fulfilling your dreams? And to be even more bold and blunt - to basically say f*ck all the bullsh*t and let's really get to work on making MAGIC happen!?

Bold Educator University is a 9-month program that was designed for highly motivated, high-caliber educators looking to up-level their lives in a MASSIVE way. It's all about gaining clarity on your life’s vision and learning how to live into it fully and abundantly, about connecting deeply to your purpose and your passion, balancing your personal and professional aspirations, and receiving unparalleled community connection, accountability, and support.

If you’re looking for next-level success in all areas of your life, want to increase your impact with the students and communities you serve, and are ready to SAY YES to YOURSELF so you can step boldly into your purpose-driven life, let’s chat to see if Bold Educator University is a good fit for you. Click here to book a call today!

And I want to say and be clear about one last thing - because I can feel the questions already brewing - this is not a professional development.

This is a PERSONAL GROWTH journey.

This is about YOU and the more we dial in on YOU, the more deeply all the other areas of your life - including your profession - are impacted. So, are YOU ready to step fully into YOU and all of your glorious and magical potential so you can show up for others the way you dream of doing? If you are saying yes in your mind and heart right now, then we need to talk. Like ASAP. Don't wait and pain yourself through another year. Let's make this your BEST year yet!!

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