Mindfulness Hack #11: You are a Money Magnet

February 7, 2019
Mindfulness Hack #11: You are a Money Magnet

Most people don’t realize that money holds a vibration.

We tend to think about money as a thing outside of ourselves, a pain-in-the-ass thing that we either have or don’t have. But money is a currency and we charge it with our energy. If you are already rolling your eyes, then please just do yourself a favor and read on with an open mind.

So what kind of relationship do you have with money? How do you talk to it? What do you say about it? How do you treat it? If you and money were having a heart to heart, what would it say to you about the way you treat it? It might be time to sit down and have a serious conversation with yourself about how you are either attracting or deflecting money in your life. If you are constantly talking bad about money, like its never there when you need it and its unreliable and stupid, then why would money stick around? Who wants to be treated like that? Money is not evil. People with bad intentions can do bad things with money. And the relationships we’ve built around money are unhealthy. So we’ve confused money and money doesn’t know how to read between the lines. Its just trying to keep up with this crazy tug of war we’re playing but ultimately it wants to give us what we need and want. It’s time to shape up!

Start to change the way you act toward and about money by first becoming aware of the relationship. Get clear on what you want, why you want it, what good it will serve, and how it will make you feel - and then get that message out to the Universe! Come from a heart-centered place and treat money as if it were your favorite baby stuffy or blankie - with love and gentleness, safety and gratitude. Like it means the world to you. Because you know what? You simply cannot live your purpose and fulfill your dreams without it. #truth.

Try This:

Write a letter to money. Write about how you’ve treated it in the past and maybe include  some details about where your attitude toward it comes from. Describe the relationship you inherited from your older family members and decide that you do not need to continue that legacy. Apologize for not recognizing its worth and how hard you’re working to change that. Ask for forgiveness and let it know you love it and appreciate it all of the amazing things it can provide for you and your loved ones. Be sure to say thanks and offer your most sincere gratitude. If you really wanna amp up this game, put the letter in an envelope, stamp and address it to yourself, and ask your BFF or someone you trust to follow through on this to send it to you in about a month when you’ve forgotten about it. That’ll be a good test to see if you’re staying true to your words!

For My Educators (and Parents!) (Well, For Everyone, Actually….)

I heard this crazy statistic that parents are more willing to talk to their kids about drugs and sex than they are about money. I don’t have a source to back that up, but I do have evidence from the serious money conversations I have with my clients. We carry so much baggage when it comes to money so its only fitting that we wouldn’t want to broach the subject with kids. But all that does is perpetuate the nasty cycle and lies that money is evil, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Money is love. Money is generosity. Money is my ability to live my truth and fulfill my purpose. Without money, I will not be able to impact the lives of those close to me the way I am meant to. Without money, I will not be able to dream big about the impact I plan to have on the community around me and the world I live in. How could I give graciously (see Hack 12) and support causes that are important to me and create my study abroad scholarship fund if I have no money? So PLEASE find the courage to heal your relationship with money and then start to have those difficult conversations with the kids in your life. Talk to them about the importance of saving, spending, and sharing. Give them opportunities to use money in a productive way.

Try these two things:

Walk into the grocery store with a set amount (say $50) and make it a game to see if you can work together to get what you need. Stick to the budget. Use the calculator and decide what goes back on the shelf and what stays in the basket. Have that little person in your life be involved in this entire process. Don’t make it about what you can and can’t afford - make it about sticking to a budget.

Do some research together, decide on a cause you’d like to support, and put out a piggy bank on your kitchen counter or in your classroom. Every time someone has change, throw it in the piggy bank. Have your students collect change from the ground, their couches, or their pockets. Then count it all up and donate it at the end of the year or semester. Let them see where their money is going and how even some small change can add up to make an impact.

Game Changer:

There’s quite a few books I recommend on this topic:

You are a Badass at Making Money  by Jen Sincero

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

Abundance Now by Lisa Nicols

And anything by Louise Hay and/or Abraham Hicks about prosperity and abundance.

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