Mindfulness Hack #18: Watch Your Mouth

January 26, 2019
Mindfulness Hack #18: Watch Your Mouth

Every word that comes out of your mouth is a declaration to the Universe about what you want more of.

If you are a proactive, abundant thinker with a growth mindset, and you look around your life and see joy, fulfillment and satisfaction, then you are continually manifesting more of that. There is a specific language you consistently use that allows you to clearly articulate to the universe what it is you want. Your word choice is concise, positive, affirmative and filled with emotion that is ready to take action, to move, to fly. You don’t talk about what you need, what you have to or mustdo; instead you think and talk about choice and will and preference. You talk about what you know to be true. And what you know in your heart is that life is magnificent and you are worthy of abundance. And there is no “but...” to that statement. You take accountability for your actions and recognize failures as opportunities.

Am I describing YOU?

Or is this maybe a more accurate description….

When you talk about work or exercise or the never-ending to-do list or paying bills, it is propelled by an UGH kind of emotion and filled with reactive language: blame and circumstance, negativity and lack. You talk like you’re lugging a 50 pound sack through the snow, slumped shoulders and all. Your language demonstrates your mindset: can’t, won’t, have to, must.... It’s forced and fixed and guess what? That’s actually what your whole life looks like, doesn’t it? You’re uber focused on what’s missing and you’re constantly thinking, “If only…” You feel stuck and everything you do is a chore without a choice, a life sentence that you have no control over. You are a victim of circumstance and everything happens TO you. Any upset can derail you and goals are left unmet.

Wherever you’re at, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you make a conscious decision RIGHT NOW about what kind of life you want for today and every day after. If you’re opting for a life of abundance and the ability to manifest greatness, then read on.

Try This…

Notice how many times in a day the words I can’t and I don’t comes out of your mouth. Notice also what is associated with that can’t and don’t. Is it connected to money, time, your body, or…? Notice the pattern of the blocking word and the thing that its linked to. Then ask yourself, do you have a lot of that thing in your life or is it something you want more of?

Let’s use money as an example…

If you are constantly thinking and talking about how broke you are and you can’t afford _____, then guess what you are constantly attracting more of in your life? A LACK of money and the thing you can’t afford. You perpetuate a life of LACK. Even though you are wishing you had more, every other thing you do or say counteracts that wish. So you are essentially confusing the Universe because your deepest desires don’t align with the language of your thoughts and actions. It’s time to learn a new language and shift your way of thinking about the things you want in your life. Start by switching out these phrases and see how your mind has to shift with the new language. You’re starting to think differently. Once that shift happens, be ready to grow your bank account. Because the Universe is FOR you, my friends, not against you. And as Lisa Nichols says, “abundance is your birthright.” Match your language to that thought, believe it and say it with conviction, and the world is yours.

Instead of I can't, try I choose. (ie. I can’t afford that. vs. I’m choosing to save my money.)

Instead of I don’t, try I am or I do. (ie. I don’t have time. vs. My day is full of things that are important.)

Instead of If only, try I will. (ie. If only I had a thousand dollars. vs. I will manifest the money I need to fix my car.)

**I’d like to make a disclaimer here that I am describing this hack and the importance of watching your mouth in some pretty basic terms. This is a starting point though and the more you learn about the language of the law of attraction, the more you will be able to manifest your deepest desires. But it’s critical that you know what those desires are, that you can attach a why and an emotion to them, and that you are grateful for it coming into your life BEFORE it actually does. Check the game changer resources to begin your journey!

For my Educators:

So many of our youth hear “You can’t be ____” or “You will never be able to ____.” Sometimes, they grow up in unsupportive homes and then go to school to hear those same phrases echoing back at them. I’ve heard countless stories from the amazing youth in my life about the things they’ve been told they CAN’T do because of where they come from, the color of their skin, or the piercings on their face. For some, every day their dreams get crushed. It’s amazing they continue to show up at all. YOU can help them change their language. Teach them how to flip their script. Be a different voice for them. You’ll reap the benefits, too - I promise!

Game changers:

I absolutely LOVE  Gavin Stephensen’s video and his explanation about the language of the law of attraction. Its spot on!

Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey - Habit 1, Be Proactive

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