Mindfulness Hack 5: Lube Up

February 28, 2019

How do essential oils connect to mindfulness?

Because every time you decide to use an oil, whether it’s in a diffuser, used topically, ingested, or inhaled, you are consciously making a choice about how you want your mood or emotions to either be changed or enhanced. And if you have a meditation or other mindfulness practice that requires turning and tuning IN, then essential oils are an amazing way to step up, amplify, and accelerate your game. Let’s break it down…

When you shop for an essential oil or blend, you are thinking about what purpose it can serve and what your needs are. Is it for more energy? To increase vitality? To encourage clarification?

When you are choosing an oil to anoint yourself, you are being deliberate about the mindset shift you are hoping to happen. Are you seeking forgiveness or release? Or are you hoping for stress reduction?

When you choose an oil or blend to diffuse, you are consciously choosing the mood or feeling you want in your environment. Are you purifying the space or hoping to get rid of some icky flu germs? Or are you creating a fun and lively energy for a house party?

And when you consider your physical needs and which oils to ingest for different ailments, you are making a decision to heal the body in a powerful way. Is it digestion or recovery? Or are you looking to strengthen your immunity?

Every time you decide to use an oil, you are making conscious, deliberate decisions that impact your physical, mental, and emotional wellness. You are promoting a healthy and more balanced state of being through the most pure and natural medicinal sources available to humankind.

One disclaimer: not all essential oils brands are created equal.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap, over the counter oils sitting on the shelf at your local grocery store. They very well could be loaded with carrier oils that dilute the power of the essential oil itself. There’s also the quality in processing to consider as well. Just remember - you get what you pay for. And if you go cheap, you’re gonna get cheap. Another way to think of it is this: YOU are not cheap, so why are you using cheap products to enhance and better your life?

Try This:

Eucalyptus is invigorating, stimulating, and fresh. Drop some eucalyptus in your shower and let the steam fill the space with these qualities.

One small drop of peppermint on the tongue can turn a moment of laziness and sleepiness into a blast of energy!

Place a few drops each of Thieves* and oregano in a capsule and take it the second you start to feel your immunity breakin’ down.

To address the dissatisfaction you may be feeling with your physical self and create a more positive relationship with your body, rub some grapefruit essential oil around your mid-section (belly and low back)  and strengthen some of that self-love!

Rub some Joy* on the bottom of your feet or on your heart when you’re feeling like you need a lil more of that in your life!

Diffuse some wintergreen, tea tree, lavender, and peppermint for an amazingly fresh, clarifying and uplifting atmosphere.

For My Educators:

I’ve heard of teachers diffusing Young Living’s Thieves* blend in their classrooms and making it the whole year without getting sick. I’ve also heard of how the right oils have influenced some great outcomes from tough circumstance. Check it out…

My bestie is a school psychologist in a full-inclusion middle school. Meaning, there are gen ed kids mixed in with students who are medically fragile mixed in with kids who have intensive behavioral issues, mixed in with kids anywhere and everywhere on the autism spectrum, mixed in with kids with every and any other kind of physical and emotional learning differences. About a year ago she started using oils in her office to see if it would impact her interactions with students. Here’s what kick-ass school psychologist Tiffany Kalick says about essential oils in her work environment: “I’ll use peppermint with orange when I’m testing to help stimulate the brain. And I like sage, bergamot and orange for helping kids relax when their behaviors are escalated, or even when I’m just doing counseling.”

Lanaja Sankey, a middle school counselor and another amazing friend of mine, combines some mindfulness practices with oils like ylang ylang, stress away*, peace and calming*, and lavender when she’s working with students. She’s even had them watch a video of my youngest daughter teaching a belly breathing technique and finds that, in junction with the oils, watching another young person do breathwork makes it more relatable. She says, “I see less agitation in my fight or flight kids after a bit of breathing and talking them down.”

*Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Thieves, and Joy are Young Living essential oils blends.

Game Changer:

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils by Daniel Macdonald

The Young Living website and all of their videos and publications are amazing! The Young Living product line includes the highest quality of essential oils you can find.

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